About Me

Rev. Jeremy A Dawson was born in Bangalore and raised by a Christian Bible believing family that provided a rich Christian heritage. At the age of seventeen, Pastor Jeremy sat at a bus stop with the burden of failure and the damage of careless words hanging over his head. It was at this place that he surrendered his life to Christ and gave Him complete freedom to do as He pleased. Since then, Pastor Jeremy has been a spectator to the work that God has done in him and through him. He exists to make God’s presence felt and his passion is to empower people to serve God and find their identity in Him.

Jeremy graduated from the Adelaide College of Ministries, Adelaide and worked in secular service for about five years before coming on to the staff of Delhi Bible Fellowship, Central Delhi Congregation in the year 1997. He began his ministry with a small group of young people that he worked at developed into an effective youth ministry. His vision is to impact the body of Christ around the world by building godly and strong leaders.

For twenty-three years, he has been selfless and faithful in proclaiming God’s word with integrity & sincerity. He has patiently invested in numerous lives and been a window through which many have seen the heart of God. He served as the Senior Pastor of Delhi Bible Fellowship, Central for eighteen years and for those who know him best, he is a brother, a friend and a co-labourer in Christ.

He founded Covenant Life – a trust that is dedicated to making disciples of Jesus and planting churches that will multiply itself in obedience to the Great Commission. It is the vision and ministry of Jeremy who in obedient response to God seeks to introduce one per-cent of Delhi to Christ in our lifetime and equip ninety-nine other churches to do the same. With this burden to see churches planted sooner and wider, he started Covenant Chapel in 2015, which is working towards leading a church planting movement. Jeremy Dawson is a gifted bible teacher and has twenty-three years of ministry experience in leadership, teaching and training. He lives in New Delhi with his wife – Zarema and Son – Gabriel. Zarema supports him in the ministry.