We must believe that God’s work is most important!

One of the things we hold dear out of the five “T” points is tithing. We have Tithe, Trumpet, Team, Table and Tiffin. I want to do a short write up on each one of these and refresh us because it is absolutely important to keep reminding ourselves of the pillars that make us committed people. It’s very simple because if you just keep track of these five areas in our lives, then we will be sure that we’re pleasing God in the five purposes that God has set up for us.

Let me begin with the first word ‘Tithe’.  The word ‘tithe’ is in the Old Testament but not in the New Testament, and I’ll tell you why. The word ‘Tithe’ simply means ‘A tenth of’, but more important than that, what is reflected and was symbolic of was the first fruits. When people who were agriculturists or farmers cultivated, their first fruits or harvest they would give to the Lord.

They would do that because of gratitude because they were thankful. They would do that out of love for God, because they wanted to recognise, in the sight of everyone, that they believe that God owns everything. That God is the one who provides. A tithe isn’t a tax. It is something you do out of gratitude. It is a declaration that says “right from the wallet to the financial statement, I believe that God is the most important. I believe that God’s work is most important.”

The Bible says, “Bring the whole tithe into the house of the Lord.” The reason it says that is because we could often just fool around with the percentages. And the New Testament does not have the word ‘Tithe’ in it because it expects 100% as it expects believers to take care of over and above what they can give. The Thessalonian church did that, the Jerusalem church did that, several other churches would give far and beyond.  A tithe is basic, where you begin when you just want to be legalistic about it.  If you want to feel heartfelt about it, tithing wouldn’t stop anybody. Then again, that is where you begin. SO if you’re not used to it or have forgotten it, or you’ve not been faithful in that, I just want to encourage you because of two reasons;

  1. When you’re grateful you’ll be happy.
  2. When you are faithful, God will give you breakthroughs in your financial life.

He will not just expand the 90% to make it a 100%, He is going to give you the wisdom to spend that 90% in such a way that you will have more to give. You will have more to be generous with. And those who are generous will always be resourced by God because it reflects its character.

Are you being faithful with your tithe? Have you been faithful to your church, so that your church can do the ministry that God has called it to do? Have you been faithful to your Pastor and to your spiritual leaders by paying your tithe regularly? Giving every month, putting it first, making it your first fruit, so that those who are serving the Lord are always well resourced.  Those who are doing God’s work and the work of God is always first finished other than or over and above everything else.

If this is not important to you, you need to stop and ask yourself, “Am I really committed to God wholly? Is God Lord of my whole life? Because the two areas of finances and your career;  when God is Lord of those two areas, you will see major breakthroughs. You will see God answer prayer, you will see God open your heart to the things that He has in store for you.

So, the first “T” is for Tithe and we need to be paying our tithes. I’ve been giving mine and I encourage you to be faithful in giving yours. This Sunday is tithing Sunday, and we don’t just bring our tithes but we bring it with gratitude and with a love in our heart for God, asking Him to do what only He can do with the rest of what we’ve got. Because at the end of the day, everything truly belongs to God.